Secret Strings0.0

类型:剧情 犯罪  美国  1918 


导演:John Ince 


Janet Newell learns that her husband Raoul is a crook and leaves him. When Raoul offers her a position as a companion to the wealthy Richard de Giles and his wife, however, she accepts, believing that the couple holds a property deed rightfully belonging to Raoul's friend, Langstreet. Janet is established in the de Giles's Long Island estate, where she falls in love with the kindly old couple's nephew, Hugh Maxwell. Soon Raoul appears, and although Janet now realizes that she has been a pawn in his plan to rob the de Giles's jewels, she is forced into silence by his threat of revealing her marriage to Hugh. On the appointed evening, Ross, the butler, drugs the de Giles's coffee and then joins Raoul, who has opened the safe with ease. As they are about to escape, however, the de Giles's, who are actually detectives assigned to capture Raoul's gang, appear bearing guns and pronouncing the crooks under arrest. Raoul grabs a gun but is shot and killed. Janet is left a single woman, but only temporarily.