Jimmie Wears a Crown0.0

类型:喜剧 短片  法国  1911 




A peasant has fallen asleep in his chair, when a man of high station enters, places an infant in his arms and withdraws. The peasant and his wife find a note saying that they must only surrender the child to the person who produces the other half of the medal which is suspended from the babe's neck. They adopt the infant and bring him up. Five years elapse, and Jimmie and his foster sister, Toto, are playing, when they are disturbed by the appearance of a party of nobles, who seek the missing heir to the throne. The halves of the medal are compared and Jimmie stands revealed as the king. He is removed to the position to which his rank entitles him. We next see Jimmie enter the throne room, appareled in his robes of state and accompanied by his courtiers. The doors are thrown open and his subjects enter to pay homage. At first King Jimmie receives them with complaisance, but soon he assumes an expression of boredom, flings down his scepter, and disperses his attendants. That night Jimmie slips out and makes his way to his old home, where he is welcomed. When he is missed the royal household come to the cottage in their search for him. His foster sister dresses him in her clothes and the peasants assure the courtiers that the two children are their twin daughters.