The Camera's Testimony0.0

类型:剧情 短片  美国  1913 




At Wolfville during a dance at the home of Sheriff Duncan, Jim Nash, who is slightly intoxicated, has an altercation with Tom Jordan. By quick interference Duncan averts trouble and pacifies the men. The next day Tom accompanies Dollie Winters on a trip to the wild ranch country to assist her in photographing birds and animals in their native wilds. Being unsuccessful while holding the camera and becoming tired waiting for the animals to pose, Tom suggests that the camera be set with a string attachment and a bait, that any bird or animal touching the bait will be photographed. They leave the camera and arrange to meet there on the morrow. The next morning Jim Nash finds a Mexican abusing his favorite horse, and discharging him, wins the enmity of Garcia, who vows vengeance, and knowing the direction he will take when he leaves the ranch, the Mexican precedes Nash and decoys him into the woods in the immediate vicinity of the camera. Meanwhile Tom has returned to the camera, and finding that the trap has not been sprung, he fires his gun at a bird, which has not been thoughtful enough to pose. While adjusting the cover of the trap, Tom drops his gun and wanders away to look for Dollie. By a strange coincidence, Nash is led to the exact place of the camera trap and the Mexican firing, causes him to fall across the string which operates the shutter. Tom, hearing the shot, rushes in and finds Nash dead, sees his revolver on the ground, recovers it and stands, gun in hand, over the dead man as Dollie and the sheriff, whom she has met on the road, come upon him. The circumstantial evidence is strong against Tom and he is about to be convicted when Dollie thought of what the camera might reveal. It is found to bring out the facts in the case, and Garcia, the guilty man, is taken, while Tom is cleared of the charge of murder.