Tô Ryca! 20.0

类型:喜剧  巴西  2022 


导演:Pedro Antônio Paes 


Selminha is back. Now she is Ryca (Rich), paying top dollar for everything she needs and wants. The problem is that a poor person's happiness is brief. A namesake heir appears claiming that she is the legitimate inheritor. Selminha's assets are frozen and her only source of income is what the courts have stipulated until they resolve the case: a minimum wage salary of R$30 per day. However, Selminha has already forgotten how to live the hardship, bankruptcy and disgrace of poverty. And worst, she is the patron of the Quintino community, and with her financial difficulties the community also feels the squeeze. Selminha is a warrior, fighter, and a Brazilian that never gives up, who rises up not only to fix her life but that of all those she loves.