Taming a Tyrant0.0

类型:喜剧 短片  美国  1911 




Bill Dobbs is a bully and is making life miserable for his wife and daughter. Edna is a winsome lass and it is Dobbs' hope to some day wed her to Zeke Hazlitt, his nephew. Edna dislikes Zeke and appeals to her mother. She is fearful of Dobbs, her second husband, but writes to Uncle Peter for advice. Uncle Peter is a sea captain and when he receives his sister's letter he decides upon a plan which his sister's letter he decides upon a plan which he feels will prove beneficial in the moral education of his brother-in-law. Whereat, his young second mate, Jack Hastings, is dispatched with a note to Mrs. Dobbs, who is instructed to inform Dobbs that the sailor is her son by her first husband, whom she has not seen for fifteen years. The scheme works beautifully. Dobbs, instead of being the master of his house, is cowed by the strapping, big first mate and made to do all the menial housework, much to the amusement of his wife and daughter. Zeke, unwelcome suitor to Edna, is given a lesson in the art of making love and then told to make himself scarce. After a few days of this when sailor Jack decides that his supposed step=father has had enough of the bitter medicine, he proposes to marry Edna and she accepts. The photoplay ends with the confession that Jack is not Mrs. Dobbs' son, and father, thoroughly subdued, is condemned to a life of real usefulness in making the housework lighter for his truly worthy spouse.