类型:动画 情色  日本  2011 

主演:青空小夏 ヒマリ 杉原茉 このは 御苑生メイ 东かりん 新泽真 黑井音 



那处牢笼,是地狱还是乐园?   醒来的时候,发现自己身处一个从没见过的白色房间里——   被关在白色的密室里的,主人公高远惠辅和6名女主人公。青梅竹马帆刈叶,班委员长安藤都子,后辈莳羽梨香,英语教师葵菜月,同学年白夜凛音,还有同班同学真中合欢。   因为异常的情况而一片混乱的他们,突然间响起了“谜的声音”。

In this anime series which is an adaptation of nsfw game of the same title, the protagonist takato kiesuke and 6 others are locked up in a white room. Then they are asked to play a wierd game by a mysterios voice. One of the girls named miyako refuses to do so, at that moment the lights go off andwhen the light resumes she is chained on a torchure set and is given elctric shocks .Everyone gets horrified but kiesuke starts getting aroused, this is his secret his desire to assault and humiliate girls. And the show has only started!!