Jerry on the Railroad0.0

类型:喜剧 短片  美国  1917 


导演:Milton J. Fahrney 


Jerry selects a railroad track for a quiet siesta. He is interrupted by the whistle of an onrushing engine. He jumps to safety. Section hands give Jerry a hard job from which he escapes by jumping on a hand car. Arriving at a bridge, Jerry seeks shade under a buttress. Here he finds a fuse leading to a charge of dynamite. He hurls the bomb away just as it explodes. The section hands seize Jerry and haul him off to jail. Jerry falls in love with the daughter of a neighboring rancher, who is the object of the affections of Hank, a railroad man, and Joe, a half-wit. In confinement he finds that his prison adjoins a storeroom to which Joe has a key. Jerry watches through a knothole and sees the half-wit plugging an apple with cyanide. He realizes that Joe is going to give this deadly poison to the daughter. Jerry makes his escape to where Joe is teasing daughter with the poisoned apple. Jerry strikes it from his hand and they fight. The battle rages until father and the section hands, attracted by daughter's screams, separate them, but not until Jerry has been felled. They carry him into the house where, finding his heart has stopped, they place him on a couch and fold his hands across his chest. Jerry has been experiencing a nightmare. Sleep had overtaken him while waiting his call for a movie part.